ALTEX: Distributor of cable, wire and electronic components

At ALTEX, we emphasize supplier relationships because they add a great deal of value to the end product and to our customers. Through these relationships we are able to deal quickly with real-life business and manufacturing situations, such as lead-time reduction, environmental compliance reporting, quality issues, timely issue resolution and more.

We offer an array of capabilities and services that benefit customers in design decisions and components selection. As a Supplier Authorized Distributor, we aim to minimize the burden on our customers’ internal resources by providing reliable, cost-effective and appropriate solutions for their designs.


ALTEX is an industrial services company providing distribution of electronic and electrical components. We are also a custom manufacturer of wire harness and cable assemblies. Founded in 1981, we have put together an impressive bundle of capabilities and services. Our years of experience in distribution is added to our engineering and manufacturing capabilities to support OEMs in getting their products to market quickly while controlling internal costs.


  • Our engineers are experienced in working with clients to assist them with optimal parts selection for their applications.
  • Our engineers consult with our suppliers’ technical resources to provide options for our customers to evaluate.
  • We are an ISO9001:2008 certified organization.


We have the flexibility to conduct business in two unique locations: Westfield, Indiana and Nogales, Mexico.  Out of these locations we can address multitudes of business issues. Our Indiana location serves as our corporate headquarters and project engineering hub.