With more than three decades as a distributor of products for wire harness and cable assemblies, ALTEX is highly regarded as a strategic partner for OEMs and manufacturers alike. ALTEX combines engineering expertise, strategic supplier relationships and unparalleled customer service to get help our clients get their products to market quickly.

At ALTEX, we emphasize supplier relationships because they add a great deal of value to the end product and to our customers. Through these relations we are able to deal quickly with real life situations, such as lead-time reduction, environmental compliance reporting, quality issues, timely issue resolution and more.

The privately-owned company offers the adaptability, flexibility and responsiveness of a small company while having the facilities, expertise and aptitude of much larger distributors. We provide competitive and high quality solutions to customers in most any industry.

For more information about our contract manufacturing capabilities, please visit www.altexwireandcable.com.